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You're one funnel away...
You're one funnel away...
To have success means different things to different people, whether it's impact lives, increase wealth, grow their business, whatever "success" means to you, but having the right tools you can achieve whatever you want. That's what a Funnel gives you, a tool to help you succeed, so whatever that means to you, remember.
You're One Funnel Away...
What We Do
We combine the art of website design with the concept of a funnel to improve your conversion rates.
We combine the art of website design with the concept of a funnel to improve your conversion rates.
With the online world changing, standard websites don't convert as high as they used to. This is why we focus on creating a concept that will combine elegant design with a sales funnel concept to improve your business.  A funnel is a website that is designed to hold the readers hand through the site to take them to the end goal, be it a sale, for them to leave their contact information, visit your store, promote you or your brand or any other goal you might have. It is essentially like having your best salesman available to everyone 24/7.
Hello, I’m charlie. Website designer and developer at Quickfix Computers.
Starting off by just creating websites for clients, I realised that people were moving away from websites and focusing more on social media and so I knew the way I approached website development had to change.
This is where I learnt what a sales funnel is and why they are so effective. I realised the power behind them and how they can be applied to different industries, how they have already helped boost so many businesses.

 I wanted to be able to help those who want to move their business forward create a funnel suitable to their business, to improve their conversions and get more customers. But what is a funnel?
A funnel is a website that hold the reader by the hand to guide them step by step to the end goal, be it a purchase, them to leave their email address, increase brand awareness etc. The difference between a website and a funnel is a funnel doesn’t have lots of distracts that puts off the reader. There is more detail in my blog: Traditional website vs sales funnel.

Some Of What We Do

Build your Funnel

Building the funnel itself is simple, but doing it the right way with the right layout and design can be tricky. I create designs, see what you like and build your funnel for you.

Funnel Coaching

A Funnel is not a website, you can't just create a series of pages, fill them with information and leave them be. They are specific in how they work and as a Funnel owner you need to know certain information.
Funnel Design
Struggling with creating a good design for you funnel? We can design and build it and share it with you for you to then look after.

Support Packages

Your Funnel is designed to help your business grow and move forward, so even after it's been built and launched, having support with it after should you need any changes or help I will be able to offer 1to1 assistance.

The obstacle is the way

The era of traditional websites is slowly dying out, the use of social media is still growing. But just because traditional websites are no longer effective, doesn't mean they are useless. They have just evolved. Keeping things more streamlined and showing the potential customer the important things you want them to see to guide them to the goal. That's a funnel. 
Discovering the concept of a "funnel" in early 2019, it changed everything. Now moving away from your traditional anti-sales websites to a high converting funnel, the obstacle of websites dying has become the way forward as we transition into a more effective way of marketing.
Our Benefits
More Of What We Can Do
Elegant Designs
The design element is important to any website. A good design shows credibility of the brand, which is why it is a key focus when building your site.

Graphics Design
Graphics design is used to visually relay messages to the reader. By working with you to understand your objectives we can create graphics that help show off your brand. If this is something you need, we can provide.
Don’t have the content for your site? What words are on the website is important, for getting attention, getting the main points across and for SEO. If you need us to help you with that, we can.
We Take The Time To Understand Your Business Needs
Knowing your business and the goals you have means we can orientate the website to help you achieve those goals. We also value communication with you so we make it as easy as possible for you to contact us, through phone, email and social media.
We Combine Your Site To your Marketing Stratedgy
Social media has exploded. No doubt you are using at least one platform. Your website is part of the loop, potential customer finds you on social media, goes to your website and becomes a customer. Which page they go to on your site is important, and what they see when they get there matters. 
We Can Monitor Your Site To See How It Performes
We use Google tools to monitor your website, how many visitors, how long they stay on the site etc. There are other features and things we can monitor, so it can be more tailored and specific to you. A report based on the chosen factors can be created and sent to you every month so you can see how things are doing.


I believe that with today's technology so much is possible. The business world has so much to offer, and done right, you can do virtually anything. With the right tools (such as the internet) you can successfully launch any business. That’s where I come in, to supply you with one of the “tools” you need to help put yourself out there and find your success. Whether you already have a business or you are just starting out, I work with you to help you build awareness and achieve your goals.

Why a Sales Funnel?

A sale doesn’t have to just be selling a product, if you are in a business you are in sales. Different businesses have different goals, sell a product, get a lead, attract more customers and more. By taking the concept of a sales funnel, this helps the potential customer get what they want faster so they become your customer. People don’t know the difference between a website and a funnel, and they don’t know what makes them so effective, but I understand it. That’s “why” of what I do.
Get In Touch With Me
Tell me more about what you're looking for and book a 1to1 call with me so we can start moving forward.
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